Comedian Matt Rife recently faced social media backlash following an incident where he allegedly made an inappropriate comment to a 6-year-old boy, suggesting the child’s mother funds his gifts through OnlyFans earnings.

The controversy began with a TikTok video from Bunny Hedaya, viewed over 13 million times, where she claimed Rife had a hostile online exchange with her son. The child had earlier criticized Rife’s Netflix special, “Natural Selection,” particularly disapproving of Rife’s jokes about astrology and domestic violence.

In “Natural Selection,” Rife expressed his skepticism about astrology’s influence on life decisions and humorously criticized women who seek guidance from the stars. Additionally, he shared a controversial joke about domestic abuse, narrating an incident at a Baltimore restaurant where a waitress with a black eye was suggested to work in the kitchen to avoid customers’ queries. Rife’s joke on this sensitive topic was part of his strategy to ‘test the waters’ with his audience.

Responding to the growing criticism, Rife issued a statement, which directed users to an “apology” link. However, this link led to a site selling special needs helmets, further fueling the controversy.

Hedaya’s son, addressing Rife’s material on TikTok, corrected his astronomical error and accused him of being mean to women. This comment reportedly prompted Rife to respond to the boy through a now-deleted Instagram message, where he mentioned Jupiter’s ring and claimed Santa Claus isn’t real, alleging the child’s gifts were bought with money his mother earned on OnlyFans.

Hedaya refuted Rife’s claim about OnlyFans and criticized the comedian’s inability to handle criticism, particularly from a child. Her video drew considerable support from TikTok users, who condemned Rife’s behavior and praised Hedaya and her son. One user commented on Rife’s immaturity, while another questioned the appropriateness of a grown man engaging in an argument with a young child.