Sunday’s matchup between the Bills and the Chiefs wasn’t Tony Romo’s finest hour as a CBS color analyst, if the reaction from NFL fans is anything to go by.

Romo’s commentary included a bizarre mix-up, suggesting a marriage between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. He also made some odd noises just as his co-host Jim Nantz was transitioning the broadcast to a commercial break. Additionally, Romo’s habit of repeatedly referring to the Buffalo Bills’ quarterback by his first name, as if they shared a personal connection, seemed to irk some viewers.

Furthermore, Romo dropped a speculative comment about the Bills potentially hosting playoff games, adding to the list of his unusual remarks during the game. This series of gaffes and idiosyncrasies left NFL fans questioning his performance as a color analyst for the game.

On Monday, the Miami Herald published a piece discussing playoff scenarios, highlighting how the Bills’ win over Kansas City improved the Dolphins’ chances, particularly their odds of hosting two playoff games. Contrarily, Romo seemed to interpret the Bills as the primary benefactor for a home game following their victory.

This discrepancy might signal the need for CBS to revisit their approach with Romo, similar to the intervention they held after the 2021-2022 season. Concerns were raised then about Romo’s preparation, and these seem to persist, particularly in light of his comments about playoff scenarios. Romo, who is under contract until 2030, may not be fully up-to-date with current standings and implications, despite his lucrative deal with CBS.

Andrew Marchand, a sports media insider from the New York Post, reported that although the previous intervention with Romo was deemed successful, it did not significantly enhance the quality of the broadcasts. He noted a continued decline in performance, comparable to the previous pairing of Nantz and Phil Simms.

With CBS set to broadcast Super Bowl LVIII in February 2024, the network’s executives were already planning to address these issues in the 2023 offseason. However, Sunday’s game might prompt an earlier, more urgent meeting to reassess Romo’s role and performance.

Regarding Romo’s apparent favoritism towards Josh Allen, some fans speculate that this could be influenced by both being represented by Creative Artists Agency (CAA). This connection is something to consider in understanding Romo’s commentary style and choices.

The situation warrants further attention, especially considering the potential influence of external factors on Romo’s broadcast approach.