MANCHESTER, N.H. – With a booming voice and unwavering confidence, Republican Governor Chris Sununu threw his weight behind former UN ambassador Nikki Haley in the 2024 GOP presidential race. The endorsement, delivered at a campaign event in New Hampshire, marks a significant development in the primary contest and throws a major challenge to the frontrunner, former President Donald Trump.

“Let’s not miss this opportunity. The entire country is watching,” Sununu declared, formally backing Haley. “We’re all in for Nikki Haley!”

The governor, a popular figure in the state holding the first primary, showered Haley with praise. He called her “someone I could not be more proud of,” highlighting her leadership and ability to connect with voters. Haley, beaming with delight, described the endorsement as a “rock-solid” boost to her campaign.

Sununu’s decision comes after months of flirting with his own presidential bid, ultimately choosing to throw his support behind Haley. He has been a vocal critic of Trump and believes the party needs a fresh face to lead them to victory.

This endorsement carries considerable weight. Sununu’s popularity and close relationship with New Hampshire voters could significantly influence the outcome of the primary. He pledged to campaign tirelessly for Haley, leading a “full-court press” in the final six weeks before the Granite State primary.

However, not everyone is convinced. Some believe Sununu’s endorsement is “too little, too late” and won’t significantly impact Trump’s commanding lead. Others argue that Sununu’s endorsement could backfire, further solidifying Trump’s base and painting him as the victim of establishment attacks.

Regardless of the outcome, Sununu’s endorsement has undoubtedly shaken up the GOP race. With Haley gaining momentum and other contenders vying for attention, the battle for the nomination is heating up and promises to be a thrilling spectacle.