Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in a head-to-head matchup, according to the latest Wall Street Journal survey. The poll also suggests Biden’s lead shrinks further when third-party candidates enter the race, raising anxieties among Democrats.

“The survey asked respondents who they would support in a matchup between Biden and Trump,” the article states, “and it found 47 percent choosing Trump, compared to 43 percent who went with Biden.” This represents a significant shift since August, when Biden held a one-point lead, and April, when he led by three points.

The inclusion of third-party candidates further complicates the picture. When factoring in Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (8% support), Independent candidate Cornel West (3% support), Green Party candidate Jill Stein (2% support), and Libertarian Party candidate Lars Mapstead (1% support), Trump’s lead widens to six points over Biden. Notably, a significant 14% of respondents remain undecided in this scenario.

Stein’s recent announcement of her presidential bid has added to Democratic concerns. As Breitbart News reports, “Stein laid out the current state of affairs, contending that ‘people are tired of being thrown under the bus by wealthy elites and their bought politicians.'”

Democrats fear that third-party candidates will siphon off votes from Biden, especially in light of the crucial importance of high voter turnout among Democrats. Some have drawn parallels to the 2016 election, where many Democrats blamed Stein’s candidacy for contributing to Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump.

Regardless, multiple polls consistently show Trump edging out Biden, including in crucial swing states like Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Nevada. This trend, coupled with the rising influence of third-party candidates, presents a significant challenge for Democrats as they look towards the 2024 election.