In a revealing moment at a recent debate, Donald Trump Jr. did not shy away from highlighting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s hesitancy to showcase his unwavering support for former President Donald Trump. Don Jr. was candid in a recent interview on Saturday, stating, “When it came down to it, Ron seemed unsure about where he stands.”

The scene unfolded during a crucial Wednesday night debate when Fox News moderator Bret Baier asked the Republican contenders if they would steadfastly back President Trump, irrespective of any legal challenges he might face.

True conservative leaders like the unabashed anti-woke entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and respected figures such as Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, and Doug Burgum didn’t hesitate for a second. But DeSantis, oddly, paused, surveying the room before showing his support — a delay that left many conservatives puzzled and concerned.

Holding nothing back, Don Jr. expressed his disappointment: “Ron’s wavering raises questions. His eyes seemed to be searching for donor approval, or perhaps guidance from his consultant, Jeff Roe, who’s already benefited substantially from DeSantis’s campaign. We need leaders, not fence-sitters.”

Detailing his past support for DeSantis, Don Jr. commented on how Ron’s recent demeanor contrasted with his earlier impressions, “I’ve been on the road advocating for Ron, and I’ve introduced him multiple times. Yet, what I observed during the debate was different. His lack of instinct and reliance on rehearsed responses was evident.”

Moreover, Don Jr. commended Ramaswamy for being sharp and pointing out DeSantis’s unsure footing. “It’s simple party loyalty,” Don Jr. mentioned, emphasizing that DeSantis’s late gesture did not go unnoticed, even causing a stir among donors.

Highlighting a media bias, Don Jr. noted how Fox News quickly jumped to highlight DeSantis’s achievements, despite the visible slip. “Despite the mainstream media’s narrative, many in that room, including grassroots conservatives, recognized what transpired. The future looks uncertain for DeSantis,” he concluded.