“USA Boxing Risks Women’s Safety by Permitting Biological Men in Female Divisions,” Warns Female Boxing Legend

The recent decision by USA Boxing to enable trans women to compete against biological females has sparked a heated debate, with many voicing concerns about the safety and fairness of women in the sport. This controversial policy, which officially came into effect on January 1, 2024, has been criticized for compromising the physical well-being of female athletes by allowing biological men, who have transitioned to women, to compete in women’s divisions.

Christy Martin, a hall-of-fame boxer and a vocal critic of the policy, has expressed alarm over the potential risks involved. “It’s incomprehensible that USA Boxing would sanction matches where essentially, a man is allowed to fight a woman,” Martin stated to Fox News Digital. With a remarkable career record of 49 wins and 31 knockouts, Martin’s words carry significant weight in the boxing community.

Martin, the first woman inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame in 2016, highlighted the inherent physical disparities between men and women. “The differences in body and bone structure, in density – they’re just too significant. This policy could lead to serious, even life-threatening injuries in the ring,” she cautioned.

The policy stipulates that trans athletes must undergo hormone testing and gender reassignment surgery, with specific testosterone level requirements set for eligibility. However, critics argue that these measures don’t fully mitigate the natural advantages possessed by those born male, especially in a combat sport like boxing.

Martin also raised concerns about the impact of this policy on the growth of women’s boxing. “We’re struggling to expand the field of female boxers. Now, knowing they might face biological males in competitions, many potential female boxers might be discouraged from participating,” she explained.

Furthermore, Martin pointed out the potential implications in the men’s division with transgender men competitors. “There’s a risk of transgender women, loaded with testosterone, gaining an unfair advantage in the men’s division – akin to doping, which is outlawed,” she remarked.

This sentiment is echoed in the boxing community, with current champions Ebanie Bridges and Amanda Serrano expressing their discontent on social media. “The consensus is overwhelmingly against this decision. I haven’t encountered anyone who thinks it’s a wise move,” Martin added.

The policy has also raised concerns among parents and coaches, with many vowing never to allow their female athletes to compete against transgender individuals. “This decision not only jeopardizes the safety of female boxers but also threatens the integrity and future of women’s boxing,” Martin emphasized.

In her concluding remarks, Martin acknowledged the rights of individuals to undergo gender transition but emphasized the need to recognize the sacrifices and consequences that come with such decisions. “While I fully support the right to transition, it shouldn’t come at the expense of women’s safety and opportunities in sports, particularly in something as physically demanding as boxing,” she stated.

USA Boxing has yet to respond to these criticisms, leaving many in the boxing world awaiting further clarification on how the organization plans to address these significant concerns.