It seems Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be facing the harsh reality that getting woke doesn’t always equate to financial stability. The latest tax filings for their much-touted Archewell charitable foundation paint a picture of a venture in decline, with a staggering $11 million drop in donations. One can’t help but wonder, where did all that money go?

Launched with lofty ambitions to “uplift and unite communities,” Archewell’s plummeting donations – down from $13 million in 2021 to a mere $2 million in 2022 – are a telling sign. This decline in support coincides with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s ongoing crusade to position themselves as progressive leaders. Yet, their approach seems to be missing the mark with the public.

Interestingly, while donations falter, the foundation’s executive director, James Holt, saw his salary skyrocket by 280 percent to over $227,000. Such a hefty paycheck, including a $20,000 bonus, for leading a sinking ship seems rather out of touch, doesn’t it?

This financial fiasco is just one part of a bigger picture. The same day these dismal figures were revealed, Harry and Meghan were named as the biggest losers in show business for 2023 by the Hollywood Reporter. From being mocked on South Park to losing their $20 million Spotify deal and engaging in endless “whiny” projects, it’s been a tough year for the royal couple.

It’s clear that Harry and Meghan’s venture into the world of social activism and entertainment hasn’t quite had the impact they anticipated. Perhaps it’s time for the Sussexes to rethink their strategy. After all, in the real world, virtue signaling doesn’t always pay the bills, and as they’re finding out, even royal status doesn’t guarantee success in the court of public opinion.