Once again crowds dressed in black descended on the city of Portland during a “Night of Rage” protesting the U.S Supreme Court’s decision to return abortion law to individual states. Many might remember that Portland was attacked and taken over by crowds dressed in black in 2021, even setting a police station on fire.

According to the Hill:

Authorities in Oregon arrested 10 protesters who were part of a large crowd supporting abortion rights after the demonstration turned violent.

Nine people were charged with disorderly conduct including one person who was additionally charged with escape in the third degree and resisting arrest. One person was charged with harassment.

Police reportedly tried to disperse the crowd after protesters began hurling smoke bombs and filled water bottles at officers. Officials said officers began making arrests but members of the crowd resisted, some of them violently. Officers began shooting inert pepperballs at the feet of the protesters, the department added, which eventually broke up the demonstration.

These crowds dressed in black of course threatened and intimated normal citizens. Flyers could be found in the area saying, “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.” Various graffiti could be seen around the city with the phrase and many others.

The Eugene police released a statement where officers clashed with protesters and had to throw smoke bombs during the demonstration at a pregnancy center on Friday night.

Some buildings were damaged from the protests with a Starbucks and Bank of America suffering the most damages.