Elon Musk has the progressive left spewing hate
April 30, 2022

It wasn’t always that the left hated Elon Musk, he created a fleet of electric cars, condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, sent a satellite of internet terminals to keep the Ukrainian people connected, and even voted for Barack Obama. So, what has changed in the last 10 years? Well evidently Musk thinks nothing has changed except the far left have pulled the left so far that it has dragged many conservative lefts to the right, tweeting out a meme showing himself on the right now, but still in the center.

Recently with Must taking over Twitter and championing for free speech, has many on the left screaming mad and scrambling to keep control. They have even gone so far as to create a ministry of Truth which Musk replied with interesting.

Many of Musk’s recent tweets seem to suggest that he will not cower from the left, but actually taunts them with his tweets.

Musk even went off saying the only reason that Truth Social exists was because of the stifling of Freedom of Speech and noted how the Truth Social Network has been gaining follower much faster than Twitter recently.

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