Biden continues to hide from the media
April 28, 2022

Biden is a hard man to find when it comes to media and doing sit down interviews.

Hiding Biden hasn’t done a sit down television interview since Feb 10. That’s 78 days ago folks. The last sit down interview Biden did was for Lester Holt for the Democrat friendly network NBC. Is Biden afraid he will be asked about Hunter’s laptop?

If you look at Biden’s predecessors, Trump did 92 interviews and Obama did 156. Hiding Biden has only done 22 interviews. At this point in Trump’s presidency, he had given 32 interviews.

Harris has done 31 interviews so far this year and since taking office, she is up to 89 media events versus Biden’s measly 25. Maybe they want to keep their Gaffe machine in check, since he can’t seem to leave his secret masters without embarrassing himself and our country in some way.

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