Elon Musk has the progressive left spewing hate

Elon Musk has the progressive left spewing hate

It wasn’t always that the left hated Elon Musk, he created a fleet of electric cars, condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, sent a satellite of internet terminals to keep the Ukrainian people connected, and even voted for Barack Obama. So, what has changed in the last 10 years? Well evidently Musk thinks nothing has changed except the far left have pulled the left so far that it has dragged many conservative lefts to the right, tweeting out a meme showing himself on the right now, but still in the center.

Recently with Must taking over Twitter and championing for free speech, has many on the left screaming mad and scrambling to keep control. They have even gone so far as to create a ministry of Truth which Musk replied with interesting.

Many of Musk’s recent tweets seem to suggest that he will not cower from the left, but actually taunts them with his tweets.

Musk even went off saying the only reason that Truth Social exists was because of the stifling of Freedom of Speech and noted how the Truth Social Network has been gaining follower much faster than Twitter recently.

Biden creates ‘ministry of truth’ to police internet for ‘disinformation’

Biden creates ‘ministry of truth’ to police internet for ‘disinformation’

In a move of something High Chancellor Adam Sutler would do in the movie “V is for Vendetta”, Biden has created a “Disinformation Governance Board”. This board is being established to combat “disinformation” in the 2022 midterms. Democrats will not stop till the crush our first amendment “Freedom of Speech”.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified Wednesday that a Disinformation Governance Board had recently been created, just days after Space X Founder Elon Musk purchased what he calls the Modern Day Town Hall, Twitter.

“The goal is to bring the resources of (DHS) together to address this threat,” Mayorkas said, adding that the department is focused on the spread of disinformation in minority communities 

Critics were quick to flock to twitter to point how “Orwellian” this sounded and just how desperate the Democrats are to win this election by any means they can.

Twitter accounts on the left are losing followers while those on the right are gaining since Musk bought Twitter

Twitter accounts on the left are losing followers while those on the right are gaining since Musk bought Twitter

Which the announcement that the Twitter board would indeed take Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter, blue chip accounts have seen wild swings in follower counts.

Many left leaning progressive reported losing massive followers while conservatives gained followers.

Many Blue chip accounts posted about losing or gaining followers after the announcement of Musk’s take over.

Some account like Governor DeSantis acquired nearly 205,000 followers while Barack Obama’s account saw a drastic drop of nearly 300,000.

With theories all over the place, Twitter attempted to clarify the reason for the shift in a statement to NBC News. 

“We’ve been looking into recent fluctuations in follower counts. While we continue to take action on accounts that violate our spam policy which can affect follower counts, these fluctuations appear to largely be a result of an increase in new account creation and deactivation,” Twitter said. “We’ll continue looking into these follower count fluctuations and keep you updated.”

Twitter also called the shift in followers “organic” site traffic.

Biden continues to hide from the media

Biden continues to hide from the media

Biden is a hard man to find when it comes to media and doing sit down interviews.

Hiding Biden hasn’t done a sit down television interview since Feb 10. That’s 78 days ago folks. The last sit down interview Biden did was for Lester Holt for the Democrat friendly network NBC. Is Biden afraid he will be asked about Hunter’s laptop?

If you look at Biden’s predecessors, Trump did 92 interviews and Obama did 156. Hiding Biden has only done 22 interviews. At this point in Trump’s presidency, he had given 32 interviews.

Harris has done 31 interviews so far this year and since taking office, she is up to 89 media events versus Biden’s measly 25. Maybe they want to keep their Gaffe machine in check, since he can’t seem to leave his secret masters without embarrassing himself and our country in some way.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Deniers Acknowledge Its Existence As Investigation On Money Laundering And Tax Evasion Gathers Pace.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Deniers Acknowledge Its Existence As Investigation On Money Laundering And Tax Evasion Gathers Pace.

The mainstream media changed tune on Hunter Biden’s laptop as the investigation inches closer to an indictment. However, the MSM makes a deliberate effort to dissociate Joe Biden from Hunters’ misadventures.

The laptop is currently under the FBI and could serve as crucial evidence for money laundering and tax evasion allegations being investigated.

The Washington Post reported that its security researchers verified about 22,000 emails from Biden’s laptop using cryptographic signatures from Google and other sources.

WAPO’s analysis was carried out by Johns Hopkins University security researcher Matt Green and former National Security Agency forensic expert Jake Williams.

The outlet had initially claimed that the emails could not be verified and were likely part of a “broader Russian disinformation campaign.”

Facebook and Twitter also restricted posts on Hunter Biden’s laptop using Washington Post’s fact-checking. Similarly, over 50 former intelligence officials backed the Russian disinformation narrative in a massive coverup.

Similarly, The New York Times also acknowledged emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop while discussing how he had paid off a significant amount of tax owed.

“Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop,” The Times wrote.

Some of the emails related to the Chinese Communist Party-backed CEFC China Energy which allegedly paid Biden about $5 million.

Similarly, Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings allegedly paid the young Biden about $1 million per year. Former President Donald Trump’s calls to investigate young Biden on these questionable dealings led to his impeachment.

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chair US Sen. Ron Johnson (R – WI) described the Times’ acknowledgment of Hunter’s laptop as surprising during an appearance on WABC.

“I am just amazed that the New York Times just now came to the conclusion that the Hunter Biden laptop was genuine,” he said.

After New York Post reported on the young Biden’s laptop, Vox blasted Conservative news outlets for running with the story arguing that “Careful investigative journalists would take some time to ascertain what actually happened here,” something Vox itself never did. The outlet, however, ran with the mainstream narrative and downplayed the incident.

Meanwhile, Vox has “revisited” Biden’s laptop story and admitted that it was not a Russian disinformation campaign.

The outlet, however, claims that “The Times only vouched for certain emails they’d authenticated,” which was a whopping 22,000 according to WaPo, another journalistic failure by Vox.

The timing of the mainstream media’s change in tune on Hunter Biden’s laptop is significant. Multiple witnesses, including federal investigators, will testify in the coming weeks about Hunter’s questionable dealings with foreign governments, including our traditional adversaries such as China, when his father was the Vice President.