Facebook admits the truth: ‘Fact checks’ are really just (libtard) opinions
December 15, 2021

After years of Facebook using Factchecker sites like PolitiFact and Snopes to attack conservatives, they finally had to admit in court that “Fact Checks” are really just “opinions.” A lawsuit brought by journalist John Stossel has exposed Facebook fact-checkers battle against “misinformation” as a bunch of (excuse our language), “BULLSHIT”.

Facebook argued in court against the lawsuit by saying that the “Fact Check” labels they apply to your posts are protected opinion under the First Amendment.

Everyone knows that this fake fact-checking industry is funded by liberal billionaires like George Soros and is just something they use as political attacks on Conservative America.

We hope that Mr. Stossel’s lawsuit wins and wish him well against these liberal tyrants. We need more brave souls like John Stossel to step up and let these leftists know that we don’t care what they do, just leave us alone and let us live our lives how we want. If you want to dress up like a freak and walk down the street, that’s your right and I don’t care. I’m going to stare and think you need some mental help, but I won’t attack you for your beliefs or hire you if that’s how you come looking to an interview.

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