Joe Rogan calls CNN’s Don Lemon a ‘dumb motherf—–‘ for doubling down on ‘horse dewormer’ bullshit
October 23, 2021

‘You can’t allow people to say things that are absolutely untrue when you have a f—ing news organization,’ -Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan quickly took to the airwaves to go after CNN’s Don Lemon after the anchor once again tried to sway the libtards that watch CNN about the “Horse dewormer” lies.

No matter what CNN tries to spin and pass as lies. The CDC actually has guidelines on the use of “Ivermectin”

CDC Recommendations for Overseas Presumptive Parasite Treatment

RegionArtemether-lumefantrine (malaria)Praziquantel (Schistosoma)Albendazole (soil-transmitted helminths)Ivermectin* (Strongyloides)
Africa, non-Loaloa areasRecommendedRecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Africa, Loa loa areasRecommendedRecommendedRecommendedNot Recommended
AsiaNot RecommendedNot RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Middle EastNot RecommendedNot RecommendedRecommendedRecommended
Latin AmericaNot RecommendedNot RecommendedRecommendedRecommended

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