VP Harris uses child actors in her NASA video
October 12, 2021

Everyone got to have fun at Kamal Harris this weekend as she released a video filled with child actors. Last week VP Harris released a video called “Get Curious with Vice President Harris”, which showed her talking to a group of children about her love of science, excitement over being able to see moon craters through a telescope and having big dreams.

Not only was the video filled with weird overly animated wide-eyed Harris’s mannerisms as she talked with the children, but it was also discovered this weekend she did not use real children for some reason and they hired child actors for this video. After the video was released on YouTube last week, one child actor told a local news station that he submitted a monologue and was interviewed for the role.

Harri’s new White House image control team quickly released a statement saying, “That Harris’ office did not select the children who appeared in the video.”

The internet was quickly on fire with everyone creating memes and video clips comparing Harris to the show “Better than Veep.”

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