Trans producer Jaclyn Moore Triggered by Dave Chappelle
October 10, 2021

One of Netflix’s many Liberal Producers Jaclyn Moore was recently triggered by Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special “The Closer”, which she argues included “transphobic comments.” She posted to Twitter that she would no longer work with Netflix following the 6th special by Dave Chappelle. It’s ironic that she only seems to object to the 6th special with the other 5 specials full of jokes of Dave Chappelle attacking white people. The comedian has built his career on white people jokes.

Now, Moore is speaking up about why she finds the streamer more at fault than the comedian behind the controversial routine.

“I want to be clear that Dave Chappelle should be free to say whatever he wants and I should be free to say whatever I would like about him. Not to let Chappelle off the hook, but my bigger issue is with Netflix. This isn’t a live special. It was filmed, finished and people watched it and nobody said, ‘Hey, are we sure this is good? Are we sure this is OK? Are we sure this isn’t dangerous? What are the consequences of putting this out?’” she said in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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