Liberal Left attacks Dave Chappelle for “ridiculing trans people”
October 8, 2021

Dave Chappelle came out with a new special called “The Closer”, which has been attacked by the left and have them screaming cancel cancel cancel as always.

The outspoken comic who they loved when he was always making jokes about white people has decided to clear some things up and pushed the button on some trans jokes.  The special his sixth and final special with Netflix came out on Tuesday and quickly went to the trending section. 

Chappelle held nothing back as he attacked covid and the LGBT community.  He even brought in the attack recently against Asians acknowledging it was black on Asian crime.  He declares that he’s joining Rowling in “Team TERF!” (the acronym for a trans-exclusionary radical feminist), and conflated rapper DaBaby’s homophobic statements at a show over the summer with systemic racism.

Reps for Chappelle and Netflix have so far declined to comment officially on the negative buzz, but the comic did address the LGBTQ+ community directly in “The Closer,” saying he harbors no “hate” for them.  He’s been attacking white people in his jokes for years and getting rich off it.

“The Closer” is definitely a must-watch as he holds nothing back with his jokes for his Final Netflix special.


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