Surveillance footage sheds new light on a dispute inside an Arizona Burger King that ended in gunfire in March.

The suspected shooter, Dakota Kern, was in a car with three other people as the driver tried to pick up a Postmates order in the drive-thru, according to an arrest warrant.

Confusion about the order ensued, leading to Kern and other occupants parking the car and going into the Burger King, video obtained by FOX 10 Phoenix shows.

Kern accused the employees of using a racial slur, so she allegedly started grabbing items and throwing them at the employees inside the restaurant.

Eventually, Kern and the other people left the Burger King, at which point an employee went outside to take pictures of the car’s license plate with a camera phone.

That’s when Kern allegedly grabbed a 9MM handgun and chased one victim down, firing multiple shots at the employee.


Dakota Kern allegedly started throwing objects at Burger King employees after she says someone uttered a racial slur.
(Glendale Police Department)

Dakota Kern allegedly fired multiple rounds at a Burger King employee as the victim tried to take a picture of a car’s license plate in March.
(Glendale Police Department)

The employees ran back inside the store for their safety.

One of the bullets traveled through the rear windshield of a car across the street and came to a stop in the driver’s seat headrest, in the direction of the driver’s head. Another stray round also struck an unoccupied vehicle in a parking lot.

Kern, who was on probation at the time of the shooting for burglary, was arrested in April on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and five other charges.

She allegedly told officers that she “saw a black object” in the employee’s hand that she thought was a weapon.

“When [Kern] was confronted with the fact that she continued chasing and shooting at the victim as he ran away, she admitted to this and admitted it was not reasonable to continue shooting,” the arrest report states.


No one was injured by gunfire during the incident, but one of the employees did receive abrasions to their stomach.