The United States Capitol was locked down on Friday due to an “exterior security threat,” as the United States Capitol Police (USCP) said two officers were injured after a car rammed into them.

The suspect exited his car wielding a knife and was shot by the USCP.

“Man we just shot somebody,” an officer told Fox News.

“Due to an exterior security threat, no entry or exit is permitted at this time in any building in the Capitol complex,” a voice announcement throughout the complex sounded.

Two stretchers have been rolled out. One went beyond my point of view - the other to the person on the ground. "Exterior security threat" reported at US Capitol.

Two stretchers have been rolled out. One went beyond my point of view – the other to the person on the ground. “Exterior security threat” reported at US Capitol.
(Hillary Vaughn)

“You may move around the buildings but stay away from exterior windows and doors,” it also said.

Capitol Police outside of the building were seen tending to at least one person on the ground, with at least two stretchers rolled out and large amounts of law enforcement and first responder activity.

At least two people were pushed on separate stretchers into two separate ambulances, which have left the scene.

USCP said the suspect was in custody. USCP said the suspect and two injured officers were taken to the hospital.

The FBI Washington Field Office tweeted that it is supporting the Capitol Police in responding to the incident.

“Praying for the United States Capitol Police officers who were attacked at the Capitol,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., tweeted. “We are still learning what’s taken place. Grateful to all the USCP and first responders who are on the scene.”

The entry point where the scene unfolded is directly where senators and aides enter the Capitol each day.


There was a car visibly smashed into a barrier outside of the Capitol.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Friday that she did not have an update about any change in security posture at the White House.

The incident comes as the Capitol has been fortified for months following the Jan. 6 attack on the building by a pro-Trump mob, after which law enforcement erected a fence for hundreds of yards beyond the buildings of the Capitol complex.

In recent weeks the perimeter around the Capitol was reduced as the security posture around the complex was relaxed.

Fox News’ Hillary Vaughn, Christopher Wallace and Chad Pergram contributed to this report.