With one song, Blackpink member Rose took the U.K. by storm…or at least she made history. The singer and dancer kicked off her solo career (while still being a part of the girl group) with two songs, “On The Ground” and “Gone,” which came together as a short collection titled R.

The lead single, “On The Ground,” was snapped up by British fans in large enough numbers that the cut founds its way to the all-genre ranking of the best-performing tracks in the island nation, and by doing so, Rose carved out several new spots in the history books for herself.

First South Korean Solo Female Musician

Believe it or not, Rose is the first female musician from South Korea to chart a song in the U.K. all on her own. When “On The Ground” arrived, it instantly broke a very thick glass ceiling that sadly has existed for far too long (but now it’s gone).

Fourth South Korean Solo Musician

Including male acts, Rose is the fourth solo musician from South Korea to place a tune on the U.K. singles chart. The first to do so was Psy, whose introductory smash “Gangnam Style” (introductory as far as Western audiences were concerned, at least) is still the only track by an artist from that part of the world to rise all the way to No. 1. He followed that up with “Gentleman” a year later.

J-Hope and Agust D, both known primarily for their work with BTS, also landed one solo hit apiece.

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Third-Highest-Charting Song By A South Korean Solo Musician

Rose’s “On The Ground” opened at No. 43, and while it may have only missed the top 40 by a few spots, it already stands out as the third-highest-charting track in U.K. history by a South Korean solo artist. The tune now sits behind Psy’s chart-topper “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman,” which peaked at No. 10.

“On The Ground” replaces Agust D’s (otherwise known as Suga) “Daechwita,” which once lifted as high as No. 68.

Fifth Song By A South Korean Solo Musician

In addition to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” and Agust D’s “Daechwita,” Rose’s “On The Ground” joined J-Hope’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” (a collaboration with Latin/pop star Becky G) as the fifth song by a South Korean solo musician to reach the U.K. ranking.

Highest-Debuting Song By A South Korean Solo Musician

While Psy’s two major hits “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” may have both climbed into the top 10, they didn’t start there. Coincidentally, the two tracks began their historic run on the tally at No. 61, which makes Rose’s “On The Ground” the single by a South Korean solo star to earn the loftiest debut in U.K. history.

Third South Korean Musician To Chart Solo And With A Group

In addition to her chart success on her own, Rose has scored several hits (seven total placements) as a member of Blackpink, and she’s not the only South Korean star to appear on the most important songs ranking both solo and with the band that catapulted her to fame. J-Hope and Agust D (AKA Suga) did so as well, as they are both members of BTS, who have now landed on the singles list 15 times.

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